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American Digitals Testimonials - offering iptv box, security camera, phone, intercom, A-V, sat TV, digital signage, internet, computer networking sales, service & install serving Los Angeles & Southern CA.

Professional Security Cameras & Audio Video Provider & Installer Los Angeles Since 1999
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experienced security cameras , A/V, Phone, Intercom, Signage and Solar installers serving Los Angeles & Southern California
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Why choose American Digitals products for your next project?


American Digitals offers manufacturer direct prices on CCTV equipment and discounted price on all Audio, Video equipment. We have highest quality equipment at lowest prices. Very often our estimates are 60% lower than those from our competition. Ask for detailed technical specification of every product and than match it with our offer. We will give you not only better price but also higher quality and professional service including one year warranty on all products.


We are local with very small office and low overhead so we can  buy our products directly from manufacturers and pass the savings to you. This way we are able to offer lowest prices on highest quality equipment. Most of installers try to cut their cost using cheap products. We don't have to do that. We just cut middlemen. In fact we do have base of installers nationwide buying products from us for their installations. We work with variety of manufactures and can provide state of the art products at a low price


Tired of installers that after taking check are no longer available? Choose American Digitals. Our dedicated service and technical support will always be there for you. Our warranty service technician is usually on site in less then 48 hours.

When there is problem or any of the products is defective we replace it right away. No need to wait few weeks for manufacturer to examine defective product and fix it or send replacement.


We are dedicated to our customers and our line of products. When it comes to security camera installation not only we know how to run the cables or mount cameras, we also know that different case scenarios require different cameras and different approach. We follow all the latest market trends. Our staff participates in every important security expo and training gaining knowledge required to provide top of the line service. We have experience in all range of installations. From a small houses, restaurants, bars, stores, office buildings to huge warehouses and manufacturing and processing plants. We've done it all. We have over 10 years of experience in designing and installing CCTV systems. We were there when VCR and VHS Tape were commonly used, we are here now with multichannel PC and DVR units able to record video from up to 32 channels  and broadcast picture on the web, and we will be there with Network IP Cameras offering megapixel quality picture and advanced video compression at the camera level.
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