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Laptop Repair Services

Data Recovery: No matter what kind of data you have it may get lost by Hard Drive problem. Recovering Data, Documents, Pictures,  Video files are done fast and inexpensive

DC Jack Repair:
DC Jack broken, doesn’t fit or feels loose? Most laptops have these problems after a while because of war and tear or maybe bad inserting and cable tangling. The solution is repair or replacement of parts

Inverter Problem: What is Inverter?  Inverter controls the power to backlights of laptop. A defective converter will cause fainted image and flickering on screen.

LCD Replacement / Backlight: Black Screen, Faded Screen, Cracked Screen, Flickering images are all problems which can be repaired

Laptop Keyboard Repair and Replacement: Keyboard Malfunction, Broken Keys, Loose Keys, Water/Coffee Spill or missing Keys can be repaired by certified technicians

Motherboard Repair: Hard ware problems like Keyboard, Touchpad, USB Audio, Video,… can be caused by motherboard malfunction, repair or replacing it is the solution

Overheating is caused by defective cooling system or bad fan.  It may damage motherboard and other sensitive parts and also Laptops shot down because of it.

Spyware, Virus,& Pop-Up Removal: Make your laptop free of viruses and pop-ups, get rid of spywares and protect your data and personal information.

Touchpad Replacement: Freezing causes frustration, cursor control and skipping problems

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Laptop Computer Repair Specialist

Sales & Repair of laptops by A+ Certified Laptop Repair Specialist of  Sony,  HP,  Toshiba,  Fujitsu,  Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Asus, Gateway and more
Laptops & Computers Repair Services since 1999

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Laptop AC Jack & Adapters
Laptop Batteries & Connection
Laptop Battery Backup
Laptop DC Power Adapters
Laptop Drives CD, DVD & RW
Laptop External Drives CD & DVD
Laptop Fans
Laptop Fire wire  & USB Cards
Laptop Floppy Drives
Laptop Hard Drives internal & External
Laptop Inverters
Laptop Keyboards
Laptop LCD Screens
Laptop Memory
Laptop Motherboards
Laptop Network Interface (NIC)
Laptop Power Cords
Laptop Processors (CPUs)

Diagnostics + Repair:
Diagnostics + Repair + Upgrade
Diagnostics + Repair + Protection
Diagnostics + Repair + Backup
Password Reset
Software Installation
Memory Installation
Date Recovery
Security & Upgrade
Data Recovery
Data Management
Wireless Network Setup

American Digitals goal as a solution provider is to offer the best in laptop computer repair services.
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Los Angeles Laptop Computer Repair  Service

For over 17 years  we have provided services in
los angeles, ca. we provide  laptop repair, laptop
dc jack repair,
laptop screen repair,
laptop batteries,
laptop power adapter, 
laptop inverter repair,
laptop data recovery for
Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic,
Acer, Levono, Samsung,
Gateway, Mac, Apple,
Fujitsu, Dell and more

Laptop Repair Specialist

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