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* Alarm                  ACCESS              FIRE              SMOKE                HEAT                 MONITORING SERVICE 

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* Audio                              SOUND                   SURROUD SYSTEMS                      HOME/OFFICE AUTOMATION

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   AUTOMATION              MEDIA CENTER                      FLAT PANEL  INSTAL            PROJECTOR  INST.

Phone                                             HOME SYSTEM              OFFICE SSYTEM               PBX SYSTEM

VoIP                                             VOICE  SYSTEM REDIDENTIAL                COMMERCIAL SYSTEM

* Intercom                                    INTERCOM RESIDENTIAL                                                COMMERCIAL

P.O.S.                                    DATA             INSTALLATION

* PC                                    DATA             IT             VIRUS PROTECTION                    NETWORKING

* Digital Signage               COMMERCIAL  SIGNAGE  INSTALLATION                        DATA CONNTENT

* Satellite     DIRECTV               DISH NETWORK        FREE TO AIR SAT                  COMMERCIAL SATELLITE

* Structural Cabling               WHOLE HOUSE  WIRING         SMART HOME         COMMERCIAL WIRING

* Solar Panel  


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