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12/10/2020Comparing DVR base and PC base CCTV?
PC Based Digital Video Recorder Overview:
· High Resolution Recordings (640x480)
· Easy to use and flexible
· Saves time playing back video
· Stores large amounts of video or recording days
· Little or no maintenance
· Easy network integration
The system runs on a PC with the Windows Operating System, users must have some computer skills. we provide complete training on PC system DVR or Hardware Based Digital Video Systems
· 640x480 High Res Recording
· Live Video Viewing
· Remote Access via Internet
· Motion Recording
· Automatic Schedules
· Multiple Audio Recording
· Password Protection
· Saves Space
· Cost Effective
· Optional Wall Mounting
· High resolution digital video recordings (640x480)
· Live Camera Viewing, No delay.
· Programs with handheld remote, much like a VCR.
· Little or no maintenance
· Saves Space
· Harder to program and operate than PC based DVR's.
· Non-expandable
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11/26/2020I want to install a television on our outdoor patio. Is it necessary to purchase an outdoor television?
Yes, you need an outdoor water resistant TV. Indoor TV will work also the question is for how long. There is humidity outside, even if it is not directly under rain. as you know electronics and moisture don’t mix well. Think about the cost of replacement every couple years vs. spending the money up front to get a set that is built to last outside through whatever weather you have. Also some are built with a special panel which are a lot brighter than your typical TV so you can see it well no matter how much sunlight might be present. With a wireless feature, if you can’t get wiring out to where you want the set, you still can transmit your TV source over air to the set. Although hard wiring is always better, It works fairly decent . I hope this information helps you make the best decision for you and your situation.
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July 18-09
Need to know more about Remote Surveillance:
What is remote video monitoring?
Remote video monitoring takes video surveillance a giant step forward. It is composed of two-way interactive audio technology that combines existing DVR technology and video surveillance systems with monitoring processes to provide real-time voice and video images to a central monitoring station for alarm verification and action.

Jun 15-09
Need to know about video monitoring
How video monitoring works.
Any critical area at a facility is considered a contact point that can be wired to a zone on a central alarm panel and paired with a video camera. Consequently, any contact point can be monitored 24/7 through systems that can immediately trigger an alarm signal that lets a monitoring center know a security event occurred at that specific contact point. Contact points can include: cash register lanes, back doors, stocking areas, server/computer rooms and safes. Triggers that can be set to trip the alarms include: doors opening or closing, motion or heat, glass breaking or a number of other events. Because all stores’ needs are different, its contact points and triggers will also vary, resulting in the need for custom-designed security systems. Additionally, video monitoring technology is compatible with many manufacturers’ control panels, allowing retailers to often connect existing systems without having to purchase new equipment or make only minor upgrades.

Do I need a camera system for my pharmacy?
Armed robbery. Employee theft. Data hackers.
Today’s retail pharmacies face all of these security threats and more. With pharmacy growth on the rise and a trend toward driving even more traffic into the store, security threats are becoming more prevalent. These threats are prompting the need for robust integrated security programs to protect critical pharmacy operations. Some of the highest-value items in drugstores are located in the pharmacy. In fact, controlled substances are among the biggest targets of today’s thieves. A research letter published stated that “every year, thousands of armed robberies and thefts from pharmacies, manufacturers and distributors result in millions of dosages of pain medications being diverted into the illicit market. But external theft isn’t the only threat.

May 22-09
Need to know more about HDTV:
What is HDTV?
The TV market is moving rapidly towards high-definition television, HDTV. This change brings truly remarkable improvements in image quality and color fidelity. HDTV provides up to five times higher resolution and twice the linear resolution compared with traditional, analog TV. Furthermore, HDTV comes with wide screen format and DVD-quality audio. Growth in the consumer market for HDTV is impressive. In 2007 the HDTV household penetration in the U.S. was approximately 35%. According to estimates, 85% of all viewers will have an HDTV set at home by 2012. Already today, virtually all major television productions are HD. The basic difference between HDTV and traditional analog TV is the number of pixels that make up the image information on each screen. During the second half of the 20th century two different standards dominated the market: PAL and NTSC.
Plasma / LCD Installation

March 18, 09
Should I install wired or wireless CCTV ?
Wired CCTV (the professional way)
Wired security cameras provide zero interference and can be installed hundreds of feet away from the PC security System or DVR system. With wired security cameras you can power the camera locally or power it up at the system location, depends on the cable being used and outlet locations. Siamese cable will transmit both power and video signal back to the power supply and recording device  in one run. This is the proper way of doing it right.
Wireless CCTV
wireless transmission is very popular lately because of location disability. In reality there is no 100% wireless cameras, even wireless cameras need power source so power connection is a must , the voltage is usually 12V or 24V.  An average wireless kit can transmit video and audio up to 1600ft. This reduces to approximately 40-50% when used indoors because of blockage. There are some restriction on using wireless cameras for example:  wireless cameras can only work on 4 channel frequency so you cannot use more then 4 of these kits next to each other. Cameras and receivers are available with 4 selectable channels making multi-camera systems feasible.
Dome Camera
Dome security cameras are being used more and more because of its fashionable look,  non-invasive  design and providing non-visible angle. Dome cameras applications are: stores, shopping malls, offices, building entrances, it is designed to blend into its surrounding environment. A Dome Camera offers high security and an increased surveillance capacity because of its qualities. The Dome Security surveillance Camera System is a great way to achieve all your security surveillance needs in an effective way. The different kinds available are vandal proof , high resolution, Wide Angle, Toshiba day and night, Sony day and night, Panasonic, Hyundai  and DirecVU with varifocal lens, indoor, outdoor,  mini dome, dual voltage, black and white,  color surveillance cameras and auto iris camera lens.
Bullet Camera
Bullet Security Cameras are usually Infrared, mountable on the ceiling or on the wall, are a special type of small and sleek camera that is ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation. Designed to be sealed in a cylinder and totally protected, they are resistant and impermeable to water and are totally weatherproof. They provide sharp, detailed video images while maintaining low profile visibility and an unobtrusive presence. With high TVL these are the best in their category and provide years of usage without any problem.
Infrared Security Cameras are designed for increased protection and optimum security especially at night, locations with limited or no light and dark areas. With Infrared Security Cameras, you can see in total darkness (0.0 Lux), and they are great cameras for extremely low or non-lighted areas.
Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ)
PTZ cameras are Controllable Cameras are of the highest quality and are used in high profile premises with need security surveillance cameras in the security surveillance field. PTZ and Controllable Cameras are designed to be controlled by keyboard, remote or through PC and DVR units. They have the ability to move up and down as well as right and left. You can pan, tilt, and zoom in or out. Optical zoom range varying from 26x to 18x and 12x digital zoom.
Camera Specification and Guide
Understanding your needs will help you make correct decision in choosing the right camera. Day, night, dark, light, angel, background, specific location and distance are all important to choose the proper camera with correct specifications.
CCTV Camera Resolution (Picture Quality)
Chipset of the camera provides picture quality based on number of horizontal lines it provides. The higher the TV Lines is the better resolution and quality of the image.
Standard Image Quality 380TVL to 420TVL
High Image quality 420TVL to 480TVL
Very High Image Quality 480 TVL to 570TVL

Resolution/TV Line
Resolution is the number of pixels that make up the CCD imaging area and the bandwidth of the camera circuitry. Typical entry level camera resolution is 330 TV lines, with high resolution cameras producing better than 580 lines. TVL is the number of black to white transitions that can be resolved across the image.

Lenses are measured in mm (millimeter).The bigger the number is the wider the angle is. 2.5, 3.6 and 8mm and more. Some cameras because of their design can not operate with wide angle lenses.

The measure of light is called LUX. Each LUX is equal to 1 candle light.
How to Select a Night Vision Camera
How far? Distance needed to capture images will determine focal length, beam angle and IR illuminator width.How wide? The wider the lens, the shorter the distance.Is there light at the scene? Some lighting looks good aesthetically, but is not good for image capture.What is the environment at the scene? Is the camera going to exposed to vibration, heat , saltwater, etc.Night vision cameras themselves are getting greener. New units draw as little as 25 watts to 45 watts of power to see as far as 700 feet. Those same cameras used to require 500 watts to 1,000 watts.How IR Illumination Works
Without any light source in some cases, cameras can clearly capture crisp images for use at night, potentially opening up a whole new market. CCTV cameras have always been primarily a commercial offering, but lower cost bullet and discrete dome units are well suited for residential applications.
“IR illuminators offer the camera the ability to capture the wavelength of light that is not visible to humans.
IR illuminators can be built into the camera or be a separate attachment. there are three wavelengths of IR illuminators for night vision cameras:730 nm (nanometers) — Produces red glow about half the strength of stop light and offers the best visibility.830 nm — Most common strength that is used for semi-covert applications and produces a slight red glow.940 nm — Designed for covert applications. It can produce an image from full blackness, but can only view a short camera system CCTV Los Angeles

March 02-09
Why should I use HDMI cable?
Using HDMI in Multiroom A/V Applications
Video distribution is not just an application for bars and restaurants any longer. With the advent of the home DVR, multiroom video distribution is becoming more popular every day in the home. The trick is how to seamlessly design and install a multiroom A/V system using HDMI, which will enable us to enjoy 1080p images and surround sound

Intercom and phone system integration
Doorbell and Intercom through a phone system
There are a number of manufacturers who offer door station/telephone interface solutions. Fundamentally, all of them will operate on the same general principle. A door station at the front or back door connects using two conductors to a black box inside the house near the telephone demarcation point. When the door station is engaged, the black box will generate a ring tone through all the telephones connected behind it. Considerations for this type of installation include making sure that the black box is located behind the security panel. This way, in the event of an emergency, the RJ31 alarm interface can do its job unencumbered.
Additionally, consider the size of the house and purchase appropriately. If there's a great deal of distance between the gate and the house, investigate the specifications closely to make sure it will meet the requirements.
Also, make sure that you add up the total number of telephones inside the house and look at the REN number of the device. The REN stands for Ringer Equivalency Number, and devices like this can only drive a finite number of telephones before ringing anomalies occur.